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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I opened a case but didn't get an item. What's the problem?

Sign in your profile - and Click on Withdraw button on a target item.

I replenished my account but didn't get the money, why?

You don't get money immediately, please wait for an hour. If you don't get money within an hour, please email us ([email protected]), attaching payment details.

I have money on Steam account, but I can't see it here, why?

Steam money is not valid on this site. You have to replenish your account separately.

How to use the code from G2A?

If you purchased the product on G2A and received the code, you should activate it on the website:
To do this, enter it in the window to enter the G2A code and click Redeem

How to participate in the GIVEAWAY?

Go to the GIVEAWAY page-and follow the simple conditions for participation in the draw, at the end of the draw you will be notified if you win.

I see on the website "promo Code" for what it?

You can use the promo code to top up your balance and get a bonus % to the amount.

Top up Balance



Add money



Add money


Add funds could take from 5 up to 30 minutes

At the first replenishment of 20% of the amount assigned

Your winning:

Тec-9 Blue titanium


SELL FOR 24.60

Item must be withrawn within 24 hours

The balance has been replenished